Friday, July 27, 2007

Post-Breyerfest productivity

Now that Breyerfest has come and gone, it's back to the grindstone for me. This week, I've been working on a few projects, not the least of which is a massive update of my website. I have alot of model horse pictures to load in still, but I've finally gotten alot of my Thoroughbred pictures organized and online. At left is a shot of Ipi Tombe, my favorite race mare, that I took last week at Denali Stud. The rest can be found here.

I currently have two horses for sale on ebay ending this weekend. One is a CM cold-painted Lakeshore Arab in palomino and the other is a CM Breyer Classic Arab Mare in bay.

This weekend, I plan to finish up and photograph a couple of commissioned pieces, and I hope to be able to mail a few of them out this coming week. I also have a couple of drastic customs in the works, so please check back for some sneak peeks!


I enjoy blogging elsewhere on the 'net, and I thought this might be a fun way to keep my customers updated about horses I'm working on. Thanks!