Thursday, September 7, 2017

Squirrels at a Rave

A funny meme came through my Facebook feed last week that said something along the lines of, "I don't have ducks in a row. I have squirrels. And they're at a rave." Given my last studio update, I thought it only fitting to recreate this title with Hagen-Renakers, too, because cosclay is apparently what my sister and I do now.

Seriously though, while my life is hectic right now with turnover at my real nine-to-five job and some large projects in the offing, it thankfully hasn't been all squirrels and glow sticks all the time, and I have been making steady progress completing commissions this spring and summer. Just since BreyerFest, I have mailed out 9 completed pieces, and boy does that ever feel good!

I have about two dozen commissions left to complete---they're all in some state of being partially painted, several nearly finished---and my goal is to have them all done and mailed by the end of the year. If I continue working at the rate I have been, I should be able to meet that goal. I am so much looking forward to having all of these models back in their owners' hands and feeling guilt-free about working on non-painting projects like writing, sewing, updating my sadly neglected website, cataloging my collection, decluttering, and even cleaning! (You know you've gone 'round the twist when you're actually looking forward to chores...)

Once I'm done with my current slate of commissions, I do not plan to take on more any time in the near future. It's much too stressful and I am simply too slow. I will be offering sales pieces periodically though. I'm looking forward to having a chance to try some colors and patterns I don't often get asked to paint like champagne, double dilute cream, and splashed white. I'm also itching to experiment with appaloosa patterns and brindling.

I will post more photos here of completed models as I send them out. It's a good morale booster to me to see progress even if my shelves of commissions still seem crowded (especially as the weather turns colder). I'm getting there, slowly, but steadily. Thank you all again for your patience! I am eternally grateful. <3 br="">