Tuesday, August 6, 2019

BreyerFest Hangover, 30th anniversary edition

The run-up to BreyerFest this year was one of the most hectic (but also productive) for me in recent memory. For whatever reason, I always get a huge kick of inspiration and a burning need to paint when I know I have trip coming up, even a non-model horse related trip. Some people go on cleanings sprees; I go on ridiculous creative jags. This meant I was already sleep deprived heading into BreyerFest, but on the plus side, I finished and shipped sooooo many commissions. It felt glorious. Here are some of the ponies that galloped out of my studio and back home to their owners in June and July.

Bogucki Bask+++ resin as a portrait of the Godolphin Arabian

Minkiewicz-Breunig Goblin resin in dark mulberry grey based on a real Mustang

Jenner-Bennett Micro Ember in dappled grey

Jenner-Bennett Micro Furia in silver dapple black

McDermott Mini Bunny resin in roan

Rose Mini Khemo resin in flaxen chestnut

Gerhardt Shannondell in bay sabino

Puleo SM TB as portrait of Man O' War
I managed to mail all of these models just in time other than one I hand-delivered at BreyerFest. The weekend before 'Fest, I flew to Atlanta to meet up with my sister so the two of us could drive up to Tennessee for the Hagen-Renaker Collectors Club Fellowship event. We had a great time touring the HR museum, glazing little worry stones, and hanging out with our clinky collecting comrades. We then drove back to Georgia to pick up our parents and our BreyerFest live show string before heading north again. (I'll post about Fellowship and BF on my collectibility blog since that will be more OF oriented.)

I feel like I spent that entire week in a sleep deprived daze, but that is the nature of model horse events, especially BreyerFest. I was excited to hear about the theme for next year though---Celtic Fling! My degrees are in Celtic history and archaeology, so I have begun plotting. Or at least thinking about plotting. After BF, all of my creative mojo crashed hard and I just wanted to sleep for a year.

I have managed to drag myself back into the studio lately however, and I have Accomplished More Things™ in the last few weeks, too, albeit slowly. These lovely boys are going to ship out soon.

True North in flaxen liver chestnut
Minkiewicz-Breunig Fritz resin in flaxen chestnut

I have more models in the works---some commissions, some sales pieces---so I'll try to update this blog accordingly. For more day-to-day updates, keep an eye on my Instagram account. I post a lot of in progress stuff there as well. Thanks for reading!