Thursday, July 26, 2018

Post-BreyerFest Inspiration (of sorts)

I know I haven't posted much here, but I have nonetheless been slowly chugging away at my commission backlog, and I am happy that even more models are done, out of my studio, and home with their owners. There are still plenty of models to go, but I feel like the weight is starting to lift at last. I'm getting closer!

As usual, the bug to be productive kicked in hard right before I traveled to BreyerFest, and it helped motivate me to finish up and mail out a couple of models that had been lingering nearly done for far too long.

Now that I'm home again, I have a lot I would like to get done before the summer is over. I am inspired to get to work in the studio and on the studio itself. The first order of business is going to be to sort through my six body boxes and cull a bunch of the models. They take up too much space, and the reality of my ever actually getting to them all isn't high. Better to pass them along to other artists with more time on their hands. I then need to replace the decrepit desk my painting booth sits on and buy something sturdier with better storage capacity. I have a shelving unit picked out that should be ideal; I just need to sell a bunch of stuff so I can afford it.

With that in mind, in addition to the plastic body cull, I will probably be selling most of the rest of my resin collection and a number of miscellaneous Peter Stone and Breyer models. At the moment, I'm listing stuff on eBay---my seller name is kwkelt. One of the model currently listed is my 2018 NaMoPaiMo model who is now NAN qualified.

Stay tuned for more goodies!