Friday, January 30, 2015

Pining for the Fjords

I had so much fun painting CollectAs before Christmas that I had to acquire a new batch of them to paint. I went a little Fjord crazy as you can see. I bought another Safari Percheron as well because it's such a nice, hunky little sculpture. He was sculpted by Jane Lunger who is better known as the sculptor of Breyer's G3 and G4 Stablemates. The CollectA Fjord of course was sculpted by well-known hobby artist Deb McDermott. I am willing to take commissions on these bodies ($75 each ppd in the USA, overseas shipping will be extra). Just shoot me an email at whitehorsepro (at) yahoo (dot) com if interested. Thanks!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here's hoping for health and prosperity for all of my readers in 2015! I rang in the New Year relatively quietly with some cleaning and organizing in preparation for serious downsizing of my collection in the coming months. The number of horses, especially in the body box (now a body shelf), has gotten completely out of hand. I've been meaning to do this for quite a while, but finding the time has always been a challenge.

Happily, I closed out 2014 with a flurry of activity in my studio. I finished up and mailed out a number of commissions (pix of those soon!), and in between, I worked on a small herd of stocking stuffer models to sell. I had a great time painting these guys, and now that they all have gone off to new homes, I have room for more. Although that would defeat the point of emptying the body shelf.  But they're all roughly Pebbles scale or a bit smaller, so they won't take up much space. Right?

Seriously though, working in this scale was hugely fun for me. The models are just big enough to not strain my eyes, but small enough to be able to paint easily while working on batches of larger scale models. All of them were sculpted by artists familiar to hobbyists, too, so they have a great deal of detail packed into a tiny package while also having excellent ABCs.

CollectA Hanoverian (sculpted by Deb McDermott) in flaxen chestnut
Safari Percheron (sculpted by Jane Lunger of G3 and G4 SM fame) in bay roan
CollectA Fjord (sculpted by Deb McDermott) in bay dun skjevet (tobiano)
CollectA Fjord in grullo
G1 SM ASB (Maureen Love mold) in flaxen chestnut
Safari Icelandic (sculpted by Jane Lunger) in bay minimal tobiano

 I can't wait to paint more of these guys! Stay tuned!