Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hobby hibernation

Seeing as we're in negative digits today with the wind chill, hibernating seems like a good idea! I did a fair amount of travelling over the holidays and then was under the weather for a bit, so I have been out of the loop hobby-wise for a while. But I am finally poking my head out and trying to catch up on orders. I have about 600 emails that need to be sorted and/or deleted (mostly deleted), and I need to do some major updates on my webpage. I am hoping to get alot of that done before the weekend so I can devote my days off to some prepping and painting. I hope to have a couple of minis for sale soon, too, including a trove of G1 Stablemates sculpted by the brilliant Maureen Love.

In other news, I have been asked to donate to the NAN auction this year, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to do so. The theme is "Kentucky," and given my obsession with Thoroughbreds, I can't think of anything more fitting for my first NAN piece. I will be donating a uniquely customized Valor resin with a new neck and new attitude (resculpted by my buddy, Tiffany Purdy) and painted up as a portrait of the late, great Puchilingui.

Puchi passed away last Saturday, Jan. 19th, at the age of 24 of an apparent heart attack. As a fan of colorful Thoroughbreds, he has long been a favorite of mine, and I am sorry he is gone. He leaves behind a legacy of athletic and loudly marked offspring who excel in show rings around the world.


Unknown said...

Glad to see your back I love your work!. Good pick for the valor..( sorry to hear he passed away!) But Im glad you remade the neck..I also painted one to look like him but on a valor that was not remade in any way....but I am painting one I remade of his son sato right now.. but it will be a gelding. I lowered the head, straightend it some.. and made a new mane and tail.. I cant wait to see how yours turns out! .. I hope you'll post it on your blog. God Luck!
Rebecca Turner

Unknown said...

oh yours and becky's will be cool to see! I hope you show pics!