Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I have several unfinished posts I've meant to make here for the last few months, and with one thing or another, they haven't happened.Work has kept me very busy during the day, and prepping and painting models has kept me busy in the evenings. This means I haven't done any blogging here in WAAAAY too long. So, to catch up...

After one of the coldest...


and most unpleasant winters in recorded Chicago history, spring was slow to arrive.

The crazy cold temps were not conducive to priming or sealing horses which made painting a slow process, but once May rolled around, the weather finally improved. It actually became pleasant to be outside. It was quite a novel experience.

Spring and summer have been surprisingly cool and un-humid (until the last week or so) which allowed me to make huge strides with finishing commissioned pieces.

It's been a very quiet summer for me otherwise though. I wasn't able to make it to Springamathing this year, alas, and while I did go to BreyerFest, the weekend passed all too quickly. I enjoy chatting with my hobby friends online, but I really, really miss getting to spend time with them in person. Because of this, I've been feeling disconnected from the hobby lately. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to any shows in my area anytime soon, but I'm going to (really, for real, seriously) try to keep this blog and my collectibility blog more active. If I'm writing about the hobby and my participation in it, such as it is, maybe I won't feel like such a recluse. Fingers crossed!

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