Thursday, November 26, 2015

Doh! A deer! A broken deer!

As an artist, by necessity, I've learned to do some basic restorations---fixing broken eartips, touching up scratches and rubs, filling cracked legs, etc. In particular, I specialize in restoring Breyer woodgrains. Generally speaking, I try to buy mint pieces for my collection, but sometimes you find things you can't help but want to rescue. This poor Hagen-Renaker DW Patience had a bit of an accident (prior to my acquiring her). And as an avid collector of HRs, especially the wildlife, I had to try my hand at restoring her.

Happily, the breaks were pretty clean, and with a little gentle sanding of the edges (to make them fit back together again) and some water soluble glue, she was easy to restore to one piece.

With a little touch up of the edges, she's good as new.

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Lynn Isenbarger said...

Okay, now I just LOVE the title of this blog entry! Thanks for the smile! (And glad you were able to fix it so well - it's lovely!)