Monday, March 7, 2016

The best laid plans...

An apt title for all of my endeavors lately. Model horse-wise, I have meant to update this blog far more often than I have, and yet somehow it's already March, and I haven't posted since November. Guess I can delete that New Years post I never finished. Uffda. But though the blog has been dark, I have at least been hard at work in the studio.

I have mailed out two dozen horses since the New Year, and more are nearing completion. In fact, I was busy working through my backlog this weekend when I tripped, dropped my airbrush, and this happened...

I would never have guessed an airbrush could break quite like that! Needless to say, this disaster put a halt to the day's productivity. I have had this airbrush and used it heavily for more than 10 years, so it's paid for itself many times over, but I'm sorry to see it meet an untimely end. It has been a (mostly) faithful friend for a long time. The damage alas is irreparable. I'll keep it around for spare parts (and as a lesson to myself to be more careful).

Iwata no longer sells this particular model, so I ordered their current equivalent. The new airbrush should function pretty identically; it just has some slightly smarter engineering of the tiny pieces I always worried I'd lose when I disassembled everything for cleaning. It should arrive tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to give it a test drive after work. Onward!

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